Red plastic dust plug for IA12 or DIN12 female . General Purpose Couplings - Poppet Valve, Pull Break Hydraulic Couplings.

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Holmbury IA Series Couplings meet the ISO 7241-1 type A design criteria and are the ideal choice where a tough, durable product of superior quality is required. A poppet valve is used to minimize the pressure drop characteristics and provide a positive sealing arrangement. Typical applications include: construction, manufacturing, chemical processing, agricultural equipment and general industrial machinery.


  • Positive, quick connection ensured by the snap together locking ball system.
  • When connected the male and female halves can rotate, even under pressure, thus avoiding any torsional stress in the flexible hoses.
  • Poppet valves have balanced springs and calibrated oil flow passages to minimize the pressure drop.
  • Poppet valve seals have shockproof protective edges.

Zinc plated, heat treated carbon steel. Nitrile O ring seals with PTFE backing rings are standard. Also available in Stainless Steel with Viton O Rings and Teflon backing V Rings.