Mason Dynamics has a large selection of monoblock directional control valves with flow rates between 4.5 and 45 gpm. Our additional stock of valve spools, spool action kits, microswitches, and levers allows us to deliver many custom valve configurations with little lead time. Call our expert hydraulic staff today to place your order.

Dedicated Build Department
We offer custom built power units and our expert technicians will integrate a monoblock valve into your system. From large industrial power packs to small DC pumps, we have directional control valves to satisfy most system requirements.

Blb Hydraulic
The BM Series monoblock valve offers compact size, higher dependability, and fewer leak points. Since 1986, Blb has designed and produced directional control valves and developed one of the widest product ranges available on the market.

Bucher Hydraulics
Series HDM directional control valves feature compact, cast monoblock bodies and have high operating pressure ratings. Available in 6 different sizes with a large range of spools, spool operators, levers and auxiliary anti-shock and anti-cavitation relief valves.

OEM and Dealer Pricing
New OEM and dealer accounts can qualify for extended terms and pricing discounts. Call our customer service department today to apply.