Mason Dynamics is a national distributor for Custom Design Components, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic manifolds and components. We work with OEMs to reduce the number of fittings, leakage points, and hoses in their systems by designing custom manifolds that also optimize space and increase production efficiencies.

Hydraulic Flow Divider Line Body NPT Ports

Integrated Manifold Design
Mason Dynamics has designed hydraulic manifolds to integrate with Monarch Series power units to maximize efficiencies and product availability. By maintaining a huge inventory of standard power units and parts, we can deliver systems with advanced hydraulic circuits with little lead-time by utilizing an integrated manifold. Contact our veteran sales staff to have your custom manifold designed.

Product Branding
For OEMs who need additional branding, manifolds can be custom painted and engraved with logos and part numbers. Call today for pricing and availability.

Manifolds and Line Bodies
We offer a large selection of standard and custom manifolds including multi-station, subplates, sandwiches, headers, and line bodies. For your D03, D05, and cartridge manifold needs, contact Mason Dynamics.