Red plastic dust cap for PLC25 male. Screw to Connect Pull Break Couplings.

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Holmbury PLC Series Couplings are designed with a screw to connect sleeve that allows for connection under pressure and is ideal for high impulse applications. They are a direct interchange with the Faster VV Series couplings. Typical applications include: construction, agriculture, oil field, industrial and mobile hydraulics including snow plows.


  • Screw on locking sleeve when used with PLC male.
  • Ball bearing locking sleeve allows for use of faster NV Series male.
  • Size 12 meets ISO 7241-1 Type A specification and will connect to an IA12 male.
  • Connection can be made with one or both halves under pressure.

Chrome 6 free, Zinc plated, carbon steel construction with Nitrile seals and Teflon back up rings.

Operating temperature: -25°C (-13°F) to 125°C (257°F).