Mason Dynamics has a large stock of Chargetek RTIC-1120 battery chargers and ships most orders within 24 hours. We also build custom hydraulic power units with Chargetek chargers. Please call for availability and ask our expert hydraulic sales staff for details.

The RTIC-1120 is a rugged, waterproof and sophisiticated three state lead-acid battery charger. With a wide operating temperature range (-10°C to 55°C) and UL/CSA1236 certification, this product is especially suited for high end industrial applications and severe environments.

The RTIC-1120 is factory programmable to accommodate several charging algorithms, an LED display to indicate status, and an optional four relay contact pack to indicate various scenarios. Temperature compensation is implemented digitally allowing accurate and noise free sensing up to a distance of 300 feet eliminating problems associated with conventional analog approaches.

Charging operation, LEDs, and relay control signals are generated by an embedded microcontroller that contains software developed by and proprietary to Chargetek. The RTIC-1120 precisely controls charging voltage and current to insure a complete recharge every time. The charger may be left connected indefinitely to the battery, maintaining full charge at all times.