At Mason Dynamics we specialize in helping customers with custom applications. We often modify our stock for your needs.

Sometimes we take a component off a unit to change the voltage, displacement or reservoir size.

The “take off” components have not been in the field. They are functional and we will sell take offs at a discounted rate.

Sometimes components have cosmetic damage and cannot be sold as new, this gains an additional discount. Damaged labels, residual label adhesive, scratched paint or discoloration of material do not impact performance!

We offer you the savings on a 08053 take off motor.

Our take off stock is backed by a 30 day Warranty, so you can save money and piece of mind.

All defects are cosmetic only and will vary from motor to motor.

These motors have been tested before being placed in inventory.

These motors will mount to all bases using the 08053 series Bucher motor.

Feel free to contact our customer service team if you have any questions.