PV female 3/4" body 3/4" NPT port. General Purpose Couplings - AG-Style Ball Valve, Poppet Valve, Pull Break Couplings.

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Holmbury DIN Series Couplings are interchangeable with Pioneer AG style couplings and are offered with a choice of ball or poppet valve for automatic flow shut off when disconnected. The ball valve should be used for compatibility in existing application. Poppet-style valve is recommended for all new applications. Widely used in agricultural, mobile, and industrial applications. The size 12 meets ISO 7241-1 type A design criteria and is interchangeable with Holmbury IA Series size 12 couplings.

Zinc plated carbon steel with highly stressed components carbonitrided. Nitrile seals with Teflon PTFE backing ring.