Mason Dynamics builds Monarch M-642 power units to meet each customer's specifications, and reservoir material and size, pump flow, motor voltage, and quantity pricing vary. Please call our helpful staff today for a complete power unit quote, or for replacement Monarch Hydraulics parts. We accept credit card payments over the phone, and we'll confirm we have parts in stock. Plus, equipment manufacturers, fluid power distributors, resellers, and service facilities receive discounted M-642 pricing.

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To build a custom Dyna-Ramic M-642 DC hydraulic pump, we may require information about the following areas:

Mounting: Horizontal or Vertical
Mounting Restrictions: L x W x H
Reservoir Size: Bore and Stroke of Cylinders
Reservoir Material: Steel or Poly
Motor Voltage: 12, 24, 36, 48
Flow: GPM
Operating Pressure: PSI

Bucher Hydraulics purchased Monarch Hydraulics in 2007. Bucher M-642.

History of this power unit:

Before the ability to machine square bases Monarch would machine a round base and either plumb a manifold opposite the pump/motor inside the same reservoir (M-6XX series), or plumb an exterior manifold to the pump with an exterior return to the tank (M-352 series).  

The M-642 is still used today in double acting applications where the valves need to be well protected.

Call our customer service team for help trouble shooting and finding the most cost effective solution.